Is a ‘Raw Food’ or ‘Vegan’ Diet the BEST Way to Cure My Eating Disorder

  • Have you ever heard testimonials of eating disorder sufferers who’s lives were completely transformed by going Vegan and wonder if that is what you should do?
  • Have you ever looked down at your plate at the animal flesh staring back at you and felt like you would much prefer to know how to get optimal protein from a vegetarian source instead?
  • Have you ever tried being a raw foodist because you’d heard of all the amazing benefits it offers for recovery, energy & being at your ideal weight, only to fall off the ‘raw food wagon’, give into your cravings and end up face first in a bag of Cheesies?

These are GREAT questions to ask!

I encourage and support my Eating Disorder FREEDOM Clients to explore MANY of the ‘dietary theories’ available out there, as this is an important part of their journey toward total FREEDOM.

The TRUTH is that there is NO ONE BEST WAY to eat for eating disorder FREEDOM success (although I am sure if you talk to someone who had success with one of these ‘food lifestyles’ their usual tendency is to think so.)

One of the most sabotaging things that you can do during your freedom journey is to try and force yourself to eat a certain way because you have been falsely taught that it is THE best.

Physically this can cause impaired digestion, increased binge food cravings, decreased oxygen flow to the body, hormonal imbalance, extreme weight fluctuations, etc.

But beyond the physical effects, this cookie-cutter ‘rules based’ approach to eating (no matter how healthy you think it is) can be both mentally and emotionally damaging as well.

Forcing yourself to adopt someone else’s  idea of the BEST way to eat, can lead to a state of anxiety,  heightened stress levels, and feelings of failure, frustration and confusion.

Taking the time to investigate various ‘nutrition and food lifestyles’ such as the High Protein Diet, the Macrobiotic Diet, the Raw Food Diet, the Vegetarian Diet, the Vegan Diet… and the many others that have transformed the health and lives of their millions of followers… can be very useful for you in crafting your very OWN ‘food lifestyle’ and cultivating your own ‘food intuition’.

Notice that I said ‘take the time to investigate’… this does not mean that you should DIVE HEAD FIRST into every theory out there to see if ‘it’ works for you, but instead, with the guidance and support of your Holistic Eating Disorder FREEDOM Coach, to research the various options out there… and see what elements of each nutritional theory fit best with who YOU are.

This will enable you to intuitively adopt aspects & elements from each of these these food lifestyles that BEST suit YOUR unique needs, personality and biochemistry.

This way, rather than forcing yourself to squeeze into a ‘pre-determined way of eating’… you craft the ‘unique-you’ food plan.

What factors should your unique FREEDOM food plan be customized around?

Here are just SOME of the elements that I believe GREATLY support the level of success, pleasure, results and FUN you have on your Customized FREEDOM FOOD PLAN:

  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • The climate where you live
  • Your family food traditions
  • Your unique food cravings
  • Any digestive challenges
  • Your current stress levels
  • Any food allergies
  • Any food intolerances
  • Your taste preferences
  • Your texture preferences
  • Any food/substance addictions
  • Any elimination issues
  • Past diet attempts (success & failures)
  • Previous medical conditions
  • Current medical conditions
  • Family members you live with
  • Your sleep patterns
  • Your level of physical fitness

Believe me when I tell you that this list is NOT ALL of the factors that are important… but they are a great place to start… and they highlight the importance of CUSTOMIZING your food plan… because just as YOU are unique… so is the FOOD you will THRIVE ON!

What are the benefits that you can expect from enjoying REAL FOOD, customized to YOU, and specifically chosen based on YOUR unique physical, mental, emotional and spiritual design?

  • Pleasure with every bite.
  • Effortless digestion.
  • High energy levels.
  • Natural detoxification.
  • Effortless elimination.
  • Metabolic revving.
  • Effortless achievement of your ideal weight.
  • Mood balance.
  • Positive cravings for healthy, whole & nutritionally dense foods.
  • Clear skin.
  • Bright, white, clear eyes.
  • Sharp thinking.
  • etc.

Let me be really clear here… there are FAR too many yummy AND healthy foods out there… why would you torture yourself by eating foods you don’t love?

Eating foods you think you ‘should eat’ is the first step to ensuring you will NOT be able to sustain your food lifestyle long term… so if you don’t LOVE it… don’t eat it.

With help from your Holistic Eating Disorder Freedom Coach, creating YOUR UNIQUE FREEDOM Food Plan can be a FUN, simple, exciting and successful experience.

Like one of my favorite sayings goes: “In a world where you can be ANYTHING… be yourself.”

So let’s connect you with your ‘food intuition’ and help you fall in LOVE with the REAL FOOD that supports your NEW life driven by health, passion and purpose.

Don’t settle for someone ELSE’s idea of the BEST way to eat.

Let’s do this together… let’s get you eating, loving and living the way YOU were born to.

Shan is her own “Eating Disorder FREEDOM” success story, and is committed to helping other women still struggling with disordered eating to claim their OWN freedom from this deadly disorder.

Since achieving total 100% FREEDOM from her eating disorder, Shan has created multiple eating disorder treatment programs and courses for women who are suffering from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, emotional eating, orthorexia, and many other ‘grey areas’ that fall within the definition of disordered eating.

Shan’s Clients…

  • Get closure on your past hurts, habits and hangups specific to the root cause of your disordered eating habits.
  • End ‘internal head chatter’ that sabotages your self-perception.
  • Incorporate the BEST all-natural supplements that support emotional balance, improve digestion, increase energy, regulate sleep, stabilize mood, and enhance feelings of joy in your life.
  • End junk food cravings and sugar addictions.
  • Break away from the sabotaging beliefs, thoughts and behaviours caused by perfectionism, depression, panic and anxiety.
  • Get you in touch with your own ‘food intuition’ so that you choose foods that nourish YOUR unique body, mind, soul, biochemistry and personality.

To learn more about how YOU can work with Shan, CLICK HERE.

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  1. Lauren

    I feel so relieved to have “permission” to do what is right for my body. For so long, I felt as though I would only be successful by “becoming a ______”. I enjoy many vegan and raw recipes, and I’ve felt guilty about not being able to fully commit to either. Thank you for reminding me that I need to do what is right for my body.
    With best,

  2. Kristin

    This is just what I thought I needed to figure out. I have tried many things in the past and some worked for a while and others didn’t. Do you know how many plans are out there? It’s crazy to think that food is supposed to nourish us not be a drug.

    • Shan

      Yes Kristen, it’s SO easy to think that the ‘next diet’ we try will work to get rid of our food addictions, fixations, and anxieties. It REALLY is about getting to the root of what works for YOUR body (as you are TOTALLY unique from anyone else!) this is a p-r-o-c-e-s-s and one that is most successfully navigated with an ED FREEDOM Coach by your side to help you interpret what is happening, help you distinguish between physical symptoms, emotional hurdles, etc. It’s not just about ‘Becoming a _________’ (fill in the blank). It is SO much more customized than that. Shan ox

  3. Angelica

    Working on figuring out which ways of eating work best for me was a difficult journey. I’m still working on it, but my anxiety is sooooo much less!! I would love to continue working on it as well.

    • Shan

      Hi Angelica! Long time no talk! Great to see you here… I remember well the value and positive energy you contribute. Glad you are working on customizing your own FREEDOM Food Plan… that is SO important. It is lovely to hear that as you go through your journey your anxiety is less and less… this is wonderful news :) Shan ox P.S> I would love to see your comments in the ‘Members Only Forum’ that you get access to after downloading your “Binge Food Cravings Freedom Kit’… we are creating a positive and supportive place in there… would love for you to join in :) (I send you the link the day after you download it :)

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